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The ghost of a metaphor

With photography, everything is in the eye and these days I feel young photographers are missing the point a bit. People always ask about cameras but it doesn't matter what camera you have. You can have the most modern camera...

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Absolutely nothing happened at Le Gras

Absolutely nothing happened at Le Gras. That which is not expressed, is not equivalent to that which is not communicated. The misunderstanding that the two are semantically the same seems to be omnipresent, crushing the two words into one meaning;...

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Giacomo Por photographer and writer


Follow invisible trajectories, deceiving false limits imposed by the obscure. Cross the shadows, denying any ambiguity from the beginning with what appears related to the subject matter of the dark. The necessary dematerialization of what remains of the language. The...

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The Portrait as a Methaphor of Photography

If one must talk of photography, then one should do so with what Elliot Erwitt termed «the comedy of man» first and foremost in mind; this approach is much needed in view of the exasperated triumph of technology we are...

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Black and white photography for introduction to the website of Giacomo Por, photographer and writer. r

Crossing the place

Crossing this place means temporarily casting aside the memory of where. Forgetting from where one has come from up until this point imposes a way of traversing this space  which cannot, by its very nature, be unambiguous. Therefore, do not...

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